Retirement  | Life Insurance for Pivotal Moments

Life insurance for Life’s Pivotal Moments like retirement begin with Pivot life insurance. Protect your retirement with a Pivot term life insurance policy.

Enjoying Retirement

Life Insurance for Retirement

Your retirement is most likely well planned and orchestrated. It can be a difficult stage in life, one met with many changes and very different daily expectations. But, retirement is well deserved and should be enjoyed to the fullest.

Many couples are counseled to cancel life insurance policies as they enter into retirement. The thinking here is that if retirement is well planned for, there would be no immediate loss of income for the surviving partner. While this is a true statement, it is not often a true scenario.

Even if you have a large estate and feel that you have covered for yourself in living expenses, what happens when that estate is passed along to surviving members of your family? Will they be able to afford the estate taxes and upkeep? Life insurance helps to protect your heirs and provide financial help that can be re-invested and used to cover the ongoing expenses associated with their inheritance.

Life insurance is not insurance for your life. You, of course, are not replaceable and it is impossible to put a value on life. Yet, life insurance can be viewed as a way to replace the income that you are capable of making, even after your death.

Yes, there are many steps that need to be taken when it comes to retirement planning, but planning is key. A review of your life insurance policy during this stage of your life is imperative to ensure that you aren’t paying too much toward a policy you don’t need, but that your family is completely covered to be provided for financially after your passing. Give us a call today.