Getting Married | Life Insurance for Pivotal Moments

Are you getting married? Find life insurance for Life’s Pivotal Moments, and protect your new spouse with a life insurance policy from Pivot.

Getting Married

Life Insurance When Getting Married

There truly is no greater step into adulthood than marriage. For many, this is the first time that you will ever be completely responsible for another person. And, one of the greatest responsibilities you now have is to care for your spouse, in sickness, health and even after death.

Providing for someone else is one of the most tangible and meaningful ways to show love and affection. Your lifestyle and income will determine the amount of life insurance you should purchase to cover your spouse, but it is important that you ensure that you provide enough for them to handle basic living expenses and cover any debts in the event of your death.

Marriage is often followed by another of Life’s Pivotal Moments, the purchase of a new home or perhaps the start of a family. Each of these events changes the way your household income is used, and thus changes the life insurance policy you need. There is not a one size fits all approach to life insurance, and it pays to work with a life insurance company that will maintain open lines of communication so that your life insurance policy is a best fit for you and your loved ones at every moment in your journey.

The PivotCare Team is knowledgeable in helping you match your budget to your needs. We listen, research and develop a plan that best fits your needs. We aren’t just trying to sell you a life insurance policy. Our goal is to provide you with your life insurance policy, a policy designed especially for your family, your needs and your future. Give us a call today.