Being Promoted | Life Insurance for Pivotal Moments

Congratulations on your new promotion! Find life insurance for Life’s Pivotal Moments - like getting a job promotion - and protect your future with Pivot life insurance.

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Being Promoted

Life Insurance When Getting Promoted

Getting promoted? There is no doubt that you have worked extremely hard to get where you are. Your work ethic and dedication is likely what led you to the promotion you just received. Now, isn’t it time to safeguard it?

Any time your income changes, it is imperative that your life insurance policy changes as well. Being a provider for your family means safeguarding them even when you are not here. At Pivot, a lot of our numbers for calculating insurance are based on your income and your debts. When those numbers change, we need to talk. Our goal is to provide you with the best life insurance policy for you. That means that your life insurance policy will differ greatly from your neighbor. Sometimes, this involves a mix of term and permanent insurance policies, other times it is one policy. We take your age and budget into account as well, so that you are positive your family is protected in the fullest way possible.

Don’t let your amazing work ethic stop when you finish your job, bring that ethic home to your family and make sure they are provided for. A member of our PivotCare Team can help you make the adjustments needed to ensure that your family does not suffer an additional loss of lifestyle. We make the process simple and do not require a lot of additional paperwork and testing. Our experts can make you an expert in regards to your life insurance policy. And, you will reap the benefits and reassurance of knowing your family is covered.

Start the discussion with us today and you will be set up with the right life insurance policy for your situation and your budget. Give us a call today.